Need to Winterize Your BMW Car?

It’s that time of year again—snowy roads, icy windshields, and frozen breath first thing in the morning when you get in your car. Winter driving can be a pain to navigate, as we discussed earlier this month, but it’s also important to make sure your vehicle itself is prepared for the harsh conditions that come with the end of the year. We may have had a mild winter so far, but it’s a safe bet the Illinois winter weather we all know and love will be back soon enough, so Fields BMW Northfield is here to make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to be ready for the roads when it comes.

The first step to winterizing your BMW car is to have all the fluids filled or replaced. Coolant, oil, and wiper fluid are all essentials to have well-stocked during the winter. Next, check your tires—low air pressure and worn-out tires can reduce traction on already icy pavement and put you at greater risk for dangerous accidents. It may also be worth considering snow tires if you drive frequently in the winter; they’ll significantly help with traction and maneuvering in the snow and ice.

Another important thing to check in your vehicle is the battery. Cold weather reduces battery capacity, so you’ll want to thoroughly inspect it the unit, cables, terminals, and fluid before heading out in cold weather to ensure your car will start when it needs to. You should also be sure to test the level of charge in your battery.

At Fields BMW Northfield, our trusted BMW service center can handle all these tasks and more to make sure you’re ready to navigate the snow with confidence. Call our BMW dealership serving Chicago, IL today, or make a service appointment online through our website.

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