BMW Safety Features


Anyone who has lived in a major urban area knows that driving in a big city such as Chicago, IL is a completely different experience than suburban or rural environments. Packed highways, small lanes, and tons of pedestrians and bikers can definitely put extra stress on drivers, and staying alert is essential. Even so, accidents happen, and drivers should take any measures they can to prevent them. 

Fortunately, automotive technology is always developing and advancing, which makes for fleets of 2019 cars with extremely high-functioning safety features. Here are a few of those features you should consider in your next new BMW car.

One safety feature that’s becoming more and more popular as standard is a rearview camera. It helps with a plethora of situations, from parking in reverse to ensuring there’s nothing behind you when you back out of a crowded grocery store lot. A wide-angle lens gives a solid view of the space behind the vehicle.

Blind spot detection is another increasingly common safety feature in new vehicles. Even regularly checking your mirrors can only give you a slightly incomplete picture of the space around your car—there’s almost always still a blind spot to be mindful of in most vehicles. Small lights in your side mirrors will alert you to vehicles and other obstructions in your blind spots to help you navigate them safely.

One feature that’s very helpful in city traffic is automatic emergency braking. The car uses sensors to detect potential collisions and will apply the brakes if they’re not already being applied by the driver. Studies have shown the technology to be effective in increasing rear-end collisions.

Whichever BMW car you choose at Fields BMW Northfield, there are endless safety options you can customize it with to ensure you stay safe on the busy city roads. Call or visit us today at 855-971-3771 to learn more.

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