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Have you ever had to stop in seconds to avoid a collision or a small animal in the road? Road hazards come in all shapes and aren’t always noticeable. Our BMW cars near Glenview provide a variety of safety technologies to assist you on the road. But, staying aware during these three situations will give you better peace of mind.

  1. Traffic Congestion

When traffic is backed up, then the likelihood of accidents increases. Stop and go traffic for long periods causes driver fatigue. That leads to a type of distraction that causes accidents. The best thing you can do is to slow down and give yourself some space. Now, that’s not always possible during your daily commute, which is why you should watch out for other drivers and what’s going up ahead of you. By staying conscientious, you can react when someone cuts in front of you or when slow-moving traffic suddenly stops.

  1. Road Construction

Construction sites pose special hazards because there may be multiple signs, large equipment, and workers. Avoid danger by obeying the road signs and slowing down. If you see workers, then try to put distance between your vehicle and them by moving off to the side of the road when possible.

  1. City Driving

From jaywalkers on downtown streets to kids chasing balls, city driving presents a variety of challenges. This is an area where staying aware is critical. Within a couple of seconds, someone can dart into the road, or a car in front of you can stop suddenly. Stay alert by checking your mirrors and watching what’s happening outside your windows.

Our new cars feature an array of safety tech designed to help you avoid unsafe conditions and accidents. Stop into our BMW dealership near Glenview to view your standard and available options. At Fields BMW Northview, safety is our top priority.

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