4 Vehicle Fluids You Can’t Ignore


Car ownership comes with plenty of responsibility. Not only do drivers have to ensure they’re driving safely and set aside plenty of funds for payments, insurance, and repairs, but they also have to dedicate time to ensuring their car is up to date on all routine maintenance. Part of this includes checking your fluids frequently to make sure nothing is running low. Here are four fluids for you to keep an eye on in your BMW X3 or BMW 5 Series.

Engine oil is the most important fluid in your vehicle. Oil keeps everything running the way it should, and without the proper quantity or quality, the powertrain can seize up. Both the condition and the level of oil are ­­essential to your car functioning properly. A good benchmark for having your oil changed is between 5,000 and 8,000 miles.

Another crucial fluid in your BMW is coolant, which prevents your radiator from freezing or overheating in extreme temperatures by mixing with water and changing the temperature. Coolant should be checked frequently, especially if you live in an excessively hot or cold environment.

Transmission fluid also makes the list of important fluids to check regularly. This fluid lubricates the moving parts of your transmission, and if it’s running low, you will notice trouble shifting your gears, erratic shifts, and more. It should be flushed around every 50,000 miles or so.

And last but definitely not least—brake fluid. Many people think that replacing the brake pads is all it takes to keep their brakes running safely, but the fluid is also essential to ensuring they run smoothly. If it’s harder than usual to apply pressure to your brakes, it’s probably time to have the fluid replaced.

Fortunately, our service department at Fields BMW Northfield is well-equipped to handle all your routine maintenance needs. If you’re in the Chicago area and need your fluids topped off, schedule a service appointment at our Illinois BMW dealership today.

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