BMW has a reputation for quality and luxury and a commitment to the driving experience. These are also reasons why our Fields BMW Northfield employees love our jobs so much—because we genuinely believe in the cars we sell. Let’s look at some of BMW’s innovations, found in both the BMW 7 Series and the BMW 3 Series models, that continue to inspire passion and brand loyalty. 

Autonomous Driving  

BMW doesn’t want to stop at building better cars. They want to create better drivers, too. Imagine sitting behind the wheel of an autonomous BMW, using technology that doesn’t take control of the car so much as it helps make your vehicle an extension of you. Innovative autonomous driving from BMW is designed to add convenience and safety through subtle assistance, not to take the joy out of the drive. 


Sustainability is an ongoing quest, an effort without an end date, and one that BMW is committed to each day. The company is quite ahead of the curve when you consider the first all-electric BMW appeared in 1972, long before environmentalism was on everyone’s radar. 2012 saw the introduction of the 1 Series ActiveE in Europe and the U.S., and the unique i3 raised eyebrows a year later 2013. BMW continues today with innovations like hybrid electric vehicles, a hydrogen-powered 7 Series model, and sustainable production plants. 


BMW is nothing if not a company dedicated to performance. From the very first E25 Turbo in 1972 to the BMW 3 Series sport sedans that proved daily driving doesn’t have to be boring, BMW pushes the adrenaline envelope. BMW is a founding partner of Formula E, an all-electric international single-seater street-racing circuit. In 2014 the company built a perfectly balanced two-person bobsled, followed in 2016 by a carbon fiber, high-performance racing wheelchair. Up next? The BMW Vision M NEXT. 

Discover more about BMW’s innovative heritage or visit Fields BMW Northfield serving Chicago, IL to experience it for yourself. 

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