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When you’re thinking about financing a BMW car near Chicago, you’re probably just thinking about the car itself, right? After all, each new BMW sold at Fields BMW of Northfield includes a comprehensive factory warranty, so it’s natural to focus on the amount you’ll be financing towards the purchase price of your new BMW 5 Series.  


But did you know that you can also purchase BMW Extended Vehicle Protection and roll it right into your financing? BMW Extended Vehicle Protection from Fields BMW of Northfield is unlike any third-party extended warranties because with this program, you are only assured the use of 100 percent original BMW parts.  


The BMW Extended Vehicle Protection plan includes advantages like: 

  • Covered repairs performed at authorized BMW service centers 
  • Only BMW original parts used during repairs 
  • 24-hour BMW Roadside Assistance to offer peace of mind during breakdowns or other mishaps on the road 
  • Three levels of coverage to choose from 

Whether you opt for Powertrain Plus, Gold, or Platinum coverage, you can feel confident that you’re protecting your BMW beyond its standard warranty, as well as with the convenience of financing the plan at the time of vehicle purchase. In fact, now at Fields BMW of Northfield, we’re offering a special incentive of $200 off any extended warranty plan, or $300 off an extended warranty plan plus a BMW maintenance plan. 


No matter how reliable and how well-made your BMW car is, the unfortunate reality is that unexpected mechanical mishaps can still happen. Why risk additional repair expenses if you can have them seamlessly covered by a BMW Extended Vehicle Protection plan? To learn more about optional extended warranty and maintenance plans for your own soon-to-be new BMW 5 Series, contact Fields BMW of Northfield, or talk to your sales advisor before purchase. 

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