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The purpose of my email is to thank you and your staff for the help they have given my wife and I over the last 5 years. I have intended to send an email prior to this time but I have never gotten around to it.

I originally came to Fields in 2004 for the service of a certified pre-owned Z3 that I found and purchased in Wisconsin. I bought it there even though it was two hours away because it was the car, condition and color that I was looking to buy. When I brought it in to Fields for service, your staff took excellent care of us (and even more importantly, the car). It made it an easy choice to come back in 2005 to purchase our first new 325i.

I have been to a few BMW dealerships while searching for my Z3 and I found most of the dealerships to be friendly, courteous and professional. Somehow Fields stood out more and I believe it is mainly because of the staff that I have met. Alex Illic worked with us on the purchase of our 2005 325i. He is very friendly and efficient. It was the easiest purchase of the most expensive car that I had bought to date. It will be a pleasure to purchase another car with Alex. I will never be one of your high end buyers (only 3-Series and Z's) but I will continue to come back as long I am treated as well as I have been.

The two things that I like the best about the Service dept is the ability to set up an appointment with the same person/people and the convenience of a loaner car. It's always easier working with a familiar person and scheduling with Ronni is fantastic. She is very personable and streamlines the process. Having access to the loaner car is a MAJOR time saver and convenience. It's also nice to test drive the new models. Obviously, one wants to leave the car being serviced and keep the loaner. Of course, dropping off the car and talking with one of your Service Consultants is always a very efficient, pain-free process, I can't single out one consultant because I have spoken with many of them but never the same one but all of them have offered great assistance. During my recent visit I met Gerald and he was a pleasure and helped to coordinate the car repairs. Although I have not had any 'complex' repairs over the years, all of them have been explained and carried out smoothly by the Service staff. I cannot ask for more than that.

I had the opportunity to talk with Jerry Marichal and appreciated his attitude, assistance and availability. I do like to familiarize myself with the staff because at some point, I'm going to have questions. It's nice to know who to talk to in order to resolve them and to understand the repairs taking place on my car. Plus, I love cars!

I like a clean car so getting the car washed after service is also a terrific perk. I mention it last because even though it's very important to me, the points I made above are far more important.

People are an asset to any business and at Fields I have encountered a few that have made my experience with BMW a very positive one.  Fields will be the first dealership that I have ever returned to for the purchase of a second new car. I will be returning because of Alex, Ronnie, Jerry and the Service staff.


Dan Zahora
I wanted to write you a short note to provide feedback as a very satisfied customer of both your BMW and Infiniti dealerships. I am one of those eccentric auto enthusiasts who not only enjoy driving fine cars but love all aspects including styling performance, paint quality, etc. I am telling you this because I am very hard to please when it comes to my cars.

That said, my wife and I have purchased a total of six autos from both Infiniti and BMW dealerships in the past seven years. During this period I have come to know both Dave McCulloch and Steve McDonald and I have to say they are both a major reason for my continued loyalty to your auto group. Both are supurb with a customer first attitude, are very approachable and knowledgeable. For me, this is extremely important since I typically seek out the general manager of the dealership when it comes to purchasing.

In addition, I have also come to know Carrie Shapiro at Fields BMW, and I can say unequivocally that I also consider Carrie a very important asset to your organization. Over the past thirty years I have only sought out the same sales person for a second or third purchase once, and that was my father in law. Needless to say, when I was planning my most recent lease, I was in contact with Carrie who helped me on all the details in deciding on my most recent purchase.

I understand the importance of customer feedback and loyalty in my own business and always appreciate hearing from customers. I would appreciate it if you could pass on my commments as you have an excellent team that drives customer loyalty.

Best Regards,
Howard Drazner

"Fields BMW Customer"

Dear Mr. Cullinan:

I have been a Fields customer since 2004 and have had all types of automobiles of my own since 1987.  I also love to drive, so having a good automobile is very important to me.  In all my years of dealing with Service Representatives in the Chicago area, Jeff Nagy on your team is by far, the absolute best, I have ever encountered.  He is always so helpful, polite and knowledgeable, whether I come in to your Glencoe location or over the phone.  I also have been an Account Manager for my entire career working closely with customers face-to-face and over the phone, and I feel it is important to have a passion for servicing people each and every day whether you have to deliver bad news or not.  I truly believe that Jeff exemplifies exceptional customer service and he surely is an asset to the Fields Auto Group.  If everyone we encounter in life was as wonderful as Jeff, the world would truly be a fabulous place.

Warm regards,

Mari A. Alex
Fields BMW Customer
Mari A. Alex

"Mr. David McCullough, GM"

Mr. David McCullough, GM

700 Frontage Road

Northfield, IL. 60093                                                                                                                              1/21/2013


Dear Daveā€¦.Daniel and I wanted to express how satisfied we are with our purchase of our new BMW 535xi Series auto.      We found out we had a lot of catching up to do on the new features and benefits after having to replace my former 2005 BMW 525 Series.   Our sincere appreciation of assisting us throughout the entire purchase in making sure I was satisfied as you realize I use my car for my real estate business.  


Carmen Cabrera was terrific all the way through the first time we sat down with her to the final delivery day of spending more than one hour with us instructing about the proper use of this car's more than abundant accessories and features.      We really appreciate Carrie's understanding of the mistaken contact and her assistance in helping me prior to us walking in that Saturday to begin the process.     


Although we are highly prejudiced with being a long time customer of the Fields Auto Group; we wanted to acknowledge the professionalism of everyone who assisted us with this purchase.      After Carmen introduced us to your Finance Manager; Dan Meegan who we met for the very first time; we immediately felt a close connection and were thankful for Dan recommending the wheel /tire protection package.    He carefully went over each part of the financing contact

and invoice.


There's no doubt from the GM to all of his professional support staff; people at Fields BMW are not only concerned with selling; but are also extremely focused on taking care of the customer.   Your service personnel and technicians have always been there for us and as you realize; this was also a strong motivator in coming back to Fields. 


Thanks again for making sure we continue to be a loyal and satisfied customer.   




Karen W
Karen W


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